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Refugee skills and labour market needs

Most refugees live in developing countries of asylum, struggling to prove themselves in economies which are unable to absorb and make full use of their labour market potential. As a result, their skills often remain unused and become obsolete over time. Key challenges for Europe include sharing t...
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Cedefop resources on "how to fight successfully early leaving from education and training"

Coming back is never the same as never leaving! Do you want to know how can you fight successfully early leaving from education and training? Check out @Cedefop new resources on #earlyleaving: two reflection tools and two evaluation plans for policy-makers and learning providers; 17 in...
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Awareness Raising & Strategy toolkit

The toolkit not only provides summaries of the lesson learnt through the lifespan of the LSE project, but also contains concrete recommendations as well as proposals for life skills strategies at different levels. More specifically the Awareness Raising and Strategy toolkit includes: ...
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Matching skills - online information tool

These policy instruments use an evidence-based approach to inform and shape upskilling or other skills matching policies for the current and future world of work. The tool, which is designed for policy-makers working on education and training, skills, (active) labour market policy and rela...
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Cedefop European database on apprenticeship schemes

The selected schemes have a stable/valid legal basis and are system-level or mainstream. A scheme is understood as a set of rules and regulations about how this type of training should be designed, delivered, assessed, certified and governed. The data are organised and easily accessible by...
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Cedefop Resources for Guidance

Resources for guidance, now available online, is a new project dedicated to managers of careers services, practitioners and policy-makers working in career development and activation policies. The resources result from a research process of over three years on the effective usage of labour mar...
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Guide on Measuring Decent Jobs for Youth: Monitoring, evaluation and learning in labour market programmes

The Guide aims to equip ILO constituents and stakeholders with a full set of concepts and tools needed to make informed decisions about how to best measure and evaluate the results of youth employment programmes. It contributes to the evidence base for “what works” in youth employment and ...
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A step-by-step guide to promote quality apprenticeships

The aim of this logbook is to detail the approaches that the project took to improve and promote quality apprenticeships in three target countries (Spain, Portugal and Latvia), and to share the knowledge it acquired throughout the process. The target readers of this document include policy-makers...
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Towards the right to work: A guidebook for designing innovative public employment programmes

It is supplemented by an international course that has been developed with support from the ILO's International Training Centre (ITCILO) for a mixed audience of policy makers and social actors, planners, and senior / middle-level officials from different national ministries and development ag...
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Cedefop VET toolkit for tackling early leaving

The Europe-wide VET toolkit for tackling early leaving was developed by Cedefop in 2017. Based on evidence of success, It provides practical guidance, tips, good practicesand tools drawn from VET aiming at helping young people to attain at least an upper secondary qualification.