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Cedefop: Sectoral approaches in VET: Welders define their future strategy

In a meeting at the headquarters of the European Federation for Welding (EWF) in Lisbon on 27 January, international and welding sector experts discussed the latest vocational education and training (VET) developments and reflected on future scenarios in relation to the European tools and t...

European Commission: Call for applications – Expert group on the impact of the digital transformation on EU labour markets

The Commission is setting up a high-level expert group (HLG) on the impact of the digital transformation on EU labour markets, in the context of its broader activities on the future of work.

New key facts on skills and labour market trends

Skills Panorama introduces new features to improve the visual storytelling focused on skills and labour market trends. A series of graphics providing key insights in skills and labour market developments has been added into all profiles of occupations, countries and sectors. These graphics, wh...

Young people and the labour market: a tale of two NEETs

Those suffering the most from the great recession of 2009 were arguably young people.

Austria: migrants and the labour market

Education and qualifications are essential to the successful integration of migrants. The information brochure Migration & integration – Focus: work and employment, supplies facts and figures on education, employment, unemployment and qualifications of people with a migration or refugee...

ILO: What causes gender gaps in the labour market?

Despite the considerable progress that has been made towards achieving gender equality in the world of work, certain factors seem to be preventing it from accelerating.

European Commision: Youth Guarantee - outreach to young people is still a challenge

Even though youth unemployment figures in the EU are improving in a context of economic recovery, outreach is still a challenge in many Member States. More efforts are needed to engage with those farthest away from the labour market.

Labour market shows positive signs: highest overall EU employment rate since 2008

The 2015 winter edition of the Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review shows improvements on the EU labour market.

Cereq: Call for papers: Pedagogical concerns and market demands

University of Valencia, Research Group Transitions from education to work in contexts of social vulnerability, with the Institute for Vocational Education, University of Rostock organize the 3rd international VET Conference : “Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training:&nb...