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How far are EU countries from Making Skills Work?

20/09/2016Ilias Livanos
EU Member States dedicate significant resources to skills development and employment policies, in particular on activation and matching. However, there has been no uniform measure across the EU to assess and compare the outcomes of these policies. Cedefop comes to fill in this gap with the Europe...

Can a bit of a skill gap be a good thing?

Part 1 of the series on Lessons from the Cedefop's European skills and jobs survey (ESJS)
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How to form the skills of those who form the skills of others?

Learning at the workplace lies high in the EU policy agenda as a means of ensuring that enterprises have a workforce with up-to-date skills and competences. Given that about one-third of an individual’s lifespan is spent in working environments, the workplace is an indispensable component of any ...

How (can) we measure skills?

It is not uncommon to read newspaper reports of skill shortages, or a demand for more people with skills in this, that, or the other. But what is meant by skill? The Oxford Dictionary definition of skill i is the ability to do something well and in the context of the labour market that somet...

Preparing for the age of the robots

Around 50 years ago the coal mines in Limburg, Netherlands closed. The then Prime-Minister, Den Uyl, promised that all 45,000 local mining jobs would be replaced by others.

Investing in one’s skills: Opportunities for EU citizens

A range of persistent trends affect job creation and growth, such as societal and demographic changes of the workforce, globalisation, productivity, technological developmentsi To keep up with these developments, meet the needs of new jobs and reduce skills mismatch, it is necessary to ...

How do we define skills?

04/04/2016Ilias Livanos
Hardly has a term been understood, measured and interpreted in so many different ways, such that of skills. A broadly accepted working definition is yet to be achieved! As a result, visitors of the Skills Panorama may have different expectations about the data, indicators and informatio...
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The key to skill formation is innovation in firms

Part 2 of the series on Lessons from the Cedefop's European skills and jobs survey (ESJS)

Welcome to the new Skills Panorama

Paulina is an administrator in the economic and policy analysis department of the Ministry of Education. She is taking her first sip of morning coffee behind her desk when her phone rings. It’s someone from the Minister’s office. “Is it true”, he asks, “that thousands of machine workers and ...
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How are skill needs assessed and matched? What is in place in EU countries

What type of education and training to undertake? Which curricula need to be updated to reflect new skills? What mix of skilled labour to hire? What type of training programmes to offer to the unemployed? Policy-makers, VET providers, public employment services, employers, parents and individuals...