This Guidebook is primarily targeted at authorities at all levels (including ESF Managing Authorities since ESF represents a significant source of actual and potential funding for such schemes) wishing to establish new apprenticeship and traineeship schemes or improve existing ones. However, the Guidebook is also relevant for a range of other key actors, including social partners and educational institutions in both secondary and tertiary education sectors. The Guidebook is structured as follows:

  • Section 2 presents an overview of definitions of apprenticeships and traineeships, together with their distinctive features and key differences;
  • Section 3 comprises the 27 Summary Country Fiches which provide a brief overview of the main representative apprenticeship and traineeship programmes in each Member State, together with a review of available data on their effectiveness;
  • Section 4 presents the results of the cross-country qualitative and quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of the schemes, including key success factors and highlights examples of good and innovative practices.