In a series of opinions and resolutions on demographic challenges, responsible parenthood, the problems of education and vocational education and training, and policies restricting early school leaving ESC has analysed the problem and proposed measures to solve it, one of which is the development of a national strategy to reduce the share of early school leavers to less than 11%.

ESC participated in the public discussion of the draft national "Strategy for Preventing and Reducing the Share of Dropouts and Early School Leavers (2013-2020)" (the Strategy), by adopting on 26 April 2013 a special resolution on this issue. In it ESC presented concrete proposals concerning the discussed vision, strategic and operational objectives, and key measures related to the prevention, intervention and compensation, which should lead to the achievement of the national target for Bulgaria – reaching by 2020 a share of early school leavers below 11% and 12.5% for 2012.