The project intends to create the infrastructure necessary to embed vocational excellence in the water sector in Europe, thus laying the grounds for vocational curriculum development and consequently competence development of VET students.

Vocational Education and training (VET) has an important role to play in contributing to the “knowledge triangle”, as well as to innovation and "smart specialization" strategies that lead to sustainable growth and social cohesion. Some Member States already include VET as part of their innovation clusters and strategies. However, these are still rare exceptions.

The PoVE Water Excellence project brings together VET institutions, the water industry, research centers, Higher Education governmental institutions, and water sector representatives from the Netherlands, Malta, Latvia, Scotland, Czech Republic, and Belgium. These partners share a common interest in developing the full potential of VET institutions to play a proactive role in support of growth, competitiveness, and innovation of the water sector.

With the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water project has reached its half waypoint. The first important step was to create a close understanding of the skills ecosystem of the water sector in each country and gaining in-depth knowledge about the economic and societal needs. By making a so-called context scan of each country involved, the project has provided a strong basis to build the Centers of Vocational Excellence Water on. The partners in the Platform of Vocational Excellence have taken the following steps over the last year.

Step 1: Mapping the stakeholders

Step 2: Map developments and determine your starting position

Step 3: Gain in-depth knowledge

Step 4: Develop your Business Model Canvas

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