Cedefop country report

In 2017, Cedefop and the ILO agreed to update the country studies produced for the report Skills for Green Jobs: A Global View (2011). Cedefop updated reports for six EU countries (Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France and the UK).

Report Executive summary
The issue of green skills still plays a significant role on the Danish skills agenda. However, the greening of skills is typically conceived as a process that cuts across occupations and sectors and should be integrated in a wider range of educational and training activities.
Furthermore, since 2010 the ‘burning platform’ of environmental concerns has been somewhat overshadowed by an increasing focus on the consequences of robotisation and digitalisation. The skills demanded by the fourth industrial revolution have come more in focus.
The greening of skills is also a question of changing attitudes at every level of the organisations and institutions involved in the process. A related challenge is the pace of technological change, which calls for a constant update of the qualifications of teachers and the physical facilities of vocational schools.
Against this background, two general policy recommendations are emphasised:
(a) consideration should be given to the creation of a national forum for skills analysis and coordination that has the competences to work across existing institutional boundaries;
(b) knowledge about the green (including the circular) economy should be integrated into all parts of the education system. This applies to elementary school, vocational and upper secondary education and relevant higher education.