Executive summary
In 2015 there were 440 000 full-time jobs classified as eco-activities, whilst green occupations represented 144 000 jobs and greening occupations represented nearly four million jobs. In the field of skills anticipation, France is characterised by strong stakeholder and social partner engagement. The national observation of the green economy is based on innovative methodologies to estimate green or ‘greening’ jobs which have been strongly developed in recent years. In 2010, following the ‘Environment Round Table’, a fully-fledged skills development strategy was set up, a Mobilisation Plan for green jobs was launched and the National Observatory for Jobs and Occupations of the Green Economy was created.
Most key actors involved in skills anticipation have integrated a perspective on the evolution of jobs and skills related to the green economy into their activities. There are many skills- related programmes and measures undertaken by actors at different levels. Skills curricula are frequently renewed or adapted to take into consideration the evolution of the green economy. Many diplomas now include awareness-raising or sensitisation to green issues; some have been the object of more advanced and specific adaptations to the techniques, knowledge and skills required by the ecological transition (or transition to the green economy).