Skills Panorama turns labour market data into accurate and timely intelligence to offer new insights into skill needs in the European Union. 

Why Skills Panorama?

Labour markets and skill needs are constantly evolving. Skills Panorama helps policy-makers, policy-experts, researchers and guidance practitioners to keep up with the latest developments,  make useful comparisons to previous trends or identify anticipated changes.

Skills Panorama aims to foster the development or improvement of skill needs assessment and anticipation; which in turn, is a milestone for education and training systems becoming more responsive to labour market needs; and for better matching of skill supply and demand across the EU.

Who is it for?

Policy-makers, policy analysts and policy experts: supporting their informed decisions mainly on education, training and employment issues

Career guidance practitioners: enable their work in helping citizens to choose, develop or change their education and career pathways

Researchers: offering them a wealth of data and information on skills and labour markets in the EU

Our core principles

Offering quality evidence is the overarching objective of the Skills Panorama. Data and information provided in the site should be clear, reliable, open and relevant. These characteristics are at the core of the Skills Panorama.

Skills Panorama core principles

Who we are

Skills Panorama is brought to you by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and powered by Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.

The European Commission ensures the strategic steering to the Skills Panorama, in line with EU policy objectives while Cedefop is responsible for the technical development of the site and the provision of data and information.