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When talking about sectors

The Skills Panorama offers information and data for economic sectors and sub-sectors. But how are sectors defined and classified?

Navigating the Skills Panorama

The Skills Panorama aspires to provide data and intelligence on the demand for, and supply of, skills in the European Union.  Although this aspiration needs to be tempered by data availability, the Skills Panorama is able to deliver an array of information that has been carefully selected to...

Matching skills and jobs in Europe Insights from Cedefop’s European skills and jobs survey

Τhe common impression of skill mismatch in the European Union (EU) is one of employers unable to fill vacancies despite high unemployment. But Cedefop’s European skills and jobs (ESJ) survey reveals a more complex problem. Skill mismatch, a term not always clearly understood (see Box), affects mo...

Do companies train? For which skills?

This post selects some key data on continuing vocational training (CVT) in European enterprises. It is based on Eurostat data from  the latest - fourth - Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS4) . This is an enterprise survey where  employers were asked to provide information on CV...

Welcome to the new Skills Panorama

Paulina is an administrator in the economic and policy analysis department of the Ministry of Education. She is taking her first sip of morning coffee behind her desk when her phone rings. It’s someone from the Minister’s office. “Is it true”, he asks, “that thousands of machine workers and ...