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2020 scores and progress since 2018

For the index as a whole Norway ranks 7th in the 2020 release compared to the 10th position in 2018. With scores on the top half in all three pillars in 2020, it is in the “leaders” group of countries.

Norway ranks 7th in the skills development pillar, with a high performance in “high computer skills” (rank 2nd). However, it performs not so well in “upper secondary education (and above)” (rank 19th) and in “pre-primary pupil-to-teacher ratio” (rank 20th).

For the skills activation pillar Norway ranks 10th, with a good performance in “recent graduates in employment” (rank 5th), but not as good in activity rate for the older cohort (aged 25-54) ranking 22nd in this indicator.

Norway ranks 14th in skills matching. It has an excellent score in “long-term unemployment”, ranking 1st out of the 31 countries, but it has an average performance in “underemployed part-timers” (rank 14th) and in “qualification mismatch” (rank 15th).