The preparation of Cedefop’s pan-European skills supply and demand forecasts is supported by a network of experts in forecasting and labour market analysis from each EU Member State. Individual Country Experts (ICEs) contribute to increasing the quality of the forecasts by commenting and validating the methods, tools and results. Cedefop organises regular technical workshops to provide a platform for experts to meet and provide feedback to Cedefop. The aim is to involve national experts in the process of preparing the forecasts, drawing on their knowledge and expertise, and to obtain country specific insights.

Workshop rationale and objectives

The workshop will provide an opportunity to bring together the research team and the group of individual country experts, together with Cedefop staff, to stimulate discussions on:

  • the methodology for producing more detailed occupational results;
  • the preliminary detailed occupational results and next steps;
  • how imbalance indicators can be interpreted/communicated;
  • Cedefop’s Country Fiches.

Workshop structure and methods of working

The workshop will be organised as a series of presentations and discussions. Background notes will be circulated in advance. These will be prepared by team members so that participants are informed on the key issues to be debated. The aim of the sessions is to develop a focussed dialogue with individual country experts. For the structured group discussions, each country expert will be allocated to a country group. In each country group, the discussions will be facilitated by a member of the research team and a Country Group Expert (CGE). The CGE will synthesise the country group discussion and report back to the complete workshop group.

This event is restricted to invited experts. More information can be found here.