Skills Panorama brings insights on jobs and skills requested in online job advertisements. Based on an ongoing Cedefop project, these insights now cover 28 European countries. More than 67 million of online job ads were collected and analysed, covering period of July 2018 till December 2019. The analysis provides information on most required occupations and skills across European countries and regions based on established international classifications: ISCO-08 for occupations, NUTS-2 for regions, ESCO for skills and NACE rev. 2 for sectors.

Cautionary notice: Cedefop has developed this analysis using a robust methodology and under substantial quality control mechanisms. However, online job ads are not a comprehensive source of skills and job demand and many factors influence its completeness and coverage. More analysis and testing will be done in the near future to provide sound evidence for informing policy developments. The fully-fledged system with expanded functions will be released by end of 2020.

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Focus on skills and learning

Covid-19 and jobs: Which skills make a difference?

More than months have passed since European countries implemented strict and far reaching lockdowns to slow down the spread of Covid-19 and to save citizens’ lives. These measures impacted societies, workers and businesses on an unprecedented scale. Entire industries were temporarily shut down an...
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Cedefop briefing note - Artificial or human intelligence?

Cedefop research shows that automation and artificialintelligence do not necessarily destroy, but rather transform jobs. “The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, and already disrupting the world of work. Cedefop’s first European skills and jobs survey (ESJS) found that 43% of adult workers acro...

Vacancy analysis goes online!

07/06/2019Jiri Branka
After several years of development, Cedefop has recently released first results of its work on collecting and analysing online job vacancies. Over 32 million unique vacancies have been collected from more than 50 thousand vacancy websites in Czechia, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy and the...