IES was established in 1969 to be an independent, national centre of expertise on productivity, manpower planning and labour market change. Since that time it has expanded and diversified to become the UK’s centre for research and evidence-based consultancy in employment, labour market and human resource policy and practice. The IES mission is to help bring about sustainable improvements in employment policy and human resource management. It achieves this by increasing the understanding and improving the practice of key decision makers in policy bodies and employing organisations. IES has around 40 multidisciplinary experts plus an extensive network of international associates, and its expertise is available to all organisations through research, consultancy and publications.

Some of the provided services and areas of expertise are:

  • continuing professional development with programmes to help HR professionals develop their expertise and stay at the leading edge,
  • developing tools, resources and guidance with practical outputs for developing policy and supporting delivery,
  • evaluating employment and workplace initiatives and programmes,
  • a range of conferences, seminars and networking events on current and future HR and employer topics,
  • evidence and literature reviews: A range of approaches to identify, assess and synthesise existing evidence,
  • HR Network membership in an active community of reflective, outcome-focused HR practitioners,
  • international comparative research on employment and labour market issues,
  • labour market analysis and forecasting,
  • providing expert guidance on employment issues,
  • qualitative data collection and analysis using focus groups and interviews or more specialist techniques, we explore perceptions of work issues in depth,
  • quantitative and econometric analysis offering a wide repertoire of statistical and econometric techniques to analyse numerical data,
  • support and consultancy for employers,
  • designing, executing and analysing surveys, from short snapshots to detailed overviews.

Contact details

City Gate, 185 Dyke Road
BN3 1TL Brighton
T: +44 1273 763400