Labour Market Research Institute is the unit of public research institute - the Lithuanian Social Research Centre (LSRC). The Institute was founded in 1991 and acts as a scientific research institute that provides the public benefit of research services in the field of social protection and labour market policies. The Institute conducts scientific research on the issues of labour and industrial relations, remuneration, labour market, employment and unemployment, development of human resources, labour market vocational training and guidance, occupational activities, safety and health at work, social insurance, social assistance and other social issues, develops recommendations on these issues for social policy formation and implementation. The Institute actively contributes to the disclosure of labour and social policy problems in the country and enlightenment of the society on the possible solutions of such problems – the Institute publishes the findings of the surveys and researches conducted by Lithuanian and foreign publications. It shares educational/training activities and carries out theoretical and applied scientific research with Universities.

Contact details

Lithuanian Social Research Centre (LSRC), A.Gostauto st. 9
01108 Vilnius
T: +370 5 2752431