The National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) is a government agency operating under the Ministry of Finance. It performs analyses and forecasts of the Swedish and international economy as a basis for economic policy in Sweden, and conduct related research. The Institute collaborates with partners and analysts from banks, government agencies and other organisations to analyst meetings. The NIER accepts various kinds of commissions in the fields of macroeconomics and environmental economics. Its principal clients are the Swedish Government Offices, government agencies, and organizations representing various interests. Some of the services it offers are:

  • Forecasting and economic analysis: NIER monitors the current development of the economy. Four times a year, it publishes its latest analysis and forecast in a series of reports entitled The Swedish Economy.
  • The Economic Tendency Survey, a report that summarises how firms and consumers view the economy. The report is published monthly and consists of three parts. Similar surveys are conducted in other EU countries.
  • The Economic Tendency Indicator is based on monthly surveys of households and firms and consequently captures the sentiment among these players in the Swedish economy.
  • The Business Tendency Survey intended to provide a quick qualitative indication of outcomes and expectations for key economic variables for which no quantitative data are yet available. The variables in the survey include new orders, output, and employment.
  • The Consumer Tendency Survey to provide quick qualitative indications of households' plans to purchase consumer durables and attitudes to the economic situation in Sweden, personal finances, inflation and saving.
  • Environmental Economics evaluating environmental policy instruments through research, commissions and work on developing models.
  • Research focused primarily on the fields of macroeconomics and environmental economics. In macroeconomics, one important part of its work is the development of econometric models that are used for medium-term analyses.

Contact details

Box 3116, Kungsgatan 12-14
103 62 Stockholm
T: +46 8 4535900