National Training Fund (NTF) is a non-profit organization operating since 1994. Its aim is to promote the development and restructuring of human resources in accordance with the requirements of economic and social reforms in the Czech Republic. The mission of the National Training Fund is to provide the following public beneficiary service:

  1. professional, scientific-research and consulting services for human resource development in areas:
  •  lifelong learning, par­ticularly in further general and professional education,
  •  employment policy, generally and focused on reducing barriers to access for disadvantaged groups in the labour market as well,
  •  social policy, social services, including quality of service management,
  •  global factors influencing the development of a knowledge-based economy.
  1.  The preparation, organization, administration, evaluation, monitoring and control of programs and projects funded from public and private sources, especially in area of cooperation with the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation.
  2.  Analyses and prediction of labour market skill needs , analyzes of quality of human resources in relation to the competitiveness of the economy, sectors and regions.
  3. Performing research activities.

Moreover, NTF participates in the preparation and implementation of European programs for employment services development, support to vocational training and employment in the CR (Phare, EQUAL, Leonardo da Vinci, ESF), including methodological preparation and management of several grant schemes. The National Training Fund has its own analytical unit, which research activity is focused on the labour market, employment and human resources development, particularly in relation to the prediction of labour market skill needs and the education and training, both initial and further vocational training in particular. Other sections of the NTF deal with the social services, standardization and quality evaluation, development of human resources in regions, guidance in employment and vocational training.

Contact details

Opletalova 25
110 00 Prague 1
T: +420 224500500, 224500511