Praxis is an experienced and recognised socio-economic research centre in Estonia. Since 2000, compiled approximately 500 analyses and studies, the purpose of which is to help solve significant social problems. It puts together evidence-based analyses, create visions of the future and regularly monitor the implementation of various policies. Praxis research has provided knowledge for many strategies and legislation drafts. Its projects are based on strong methodology and credible data and they contribute to the making of decisions that are beneficial for Estonia. As a result of clear and active presentation of the findings, the generated knowledge reaches decision makers and other involved parties. TThe think tank team consists of experts and analysts who have extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative studies.

Some of PRAXIS activities are:

  • systematically observing policy implementation and sectoral development, we can monitor changes made over time,
  • study which policies are working, which policies are not working and to what extent they are working,
  • cost-benefit Analysis,
  • using mathematical and econometric models, we seek out, interpret and evaluate the relationships between important policy measures,
  • forecasting,
  • provide case studies to understand how a programme, organisation or group functions,
  • conduct surveys,
  • help to systematically identify staff development needs, particularly in our fields of work,
  • training courses and consulting,
  • policy Dialogue Events.

Contact details

Tornimäe 5, III floor
10145 Tallinn
T: +372 6408000