HIVA Research Institute for Work and Society is a multidisciplinary research institute of KU Leuven. HIVA specialises in academic and policy-oriented research that can provide a very specific response to current policy issues. Bringing together experts from different disciplines and specialisation in policy-oriented research on work and society give HIVA a unique position within KU Leuven and outside the university. They are core activity is applied and policy-oriented research with practical applications in society. This is achieved through the many publications, training initiatives such as seminars, conferences and workshops and providing advice and ‘individually tailored’ expertise. HIVA produces a large number of articles, research papers, books and reports every year mainly in Dutch. The research activities of HIVA are organised into six groups, namely Work and Organisation; Labour Market; Poverty, Social Integration and Migration; Sustainable Development; Education and Lifelong Learning; Welfare State and Housing. Thy focus in problems affecting workers, socially vulnerable groups, social organisations and movements in society is always the common thread. It also participates in numerous international academic networks, both in Europe and beyond like Eurofound Network of Correspondents and European Social Policy Network.

Contact details

KU Leuven, Parkstraat 47 box 5300
3000 Leuven
T: +32 16 323333