The National Statistics Institute is an independent institution assigned to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitivity via the Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support. It has an important role in public statistic activity, conducting large scale statistical operations like: demographic and economic censuses, national accounts, demographic and social statistics, economic and social indicators, coordination and maintenance of company directories Moreover, the law attributes the INE with the following functions: formulation of the National Statistics Plan with the collaboration of Ministerial Departments and the Bank of Spain; the proposal of common regulations on concepts, statistical units, classifications and codes; and relations on statistics with specialised International Institutions and in particular, with the European Union Statistics Office (EUROSTAT). Moreover, there are other collegiate bodies with significant competences in statistical matter as: the Higher Statistics Council, the Interministerial Statistics Commission and the Interterritorial Statistics Committee. In all of them the INE plays an important role.

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