Statistics Sweden has as main task to supply users and customers with statistics for decision making, debate and research. They work with assignments from the government and other government agencies but also have customers from the private sector and among researchers. Statistics Sweden is responsible for official statistics and for other government statistics which it develops, produces and disseminates. Furthermore, it conducts long-term cooperation projects with statistical offices in developing countries.

Statistics Sweden is responsible for developing, producing and disseminating official statistics and other government statistics. It is also responsible for coordinating the system for the official statistics. The overall goal for our operations is to produce official statistics of good quality that are easily available for the users. The statistics produced are largely based on information submitted in various surveys from enterprises, government agencies and private persons.

Statistics Sweden facilitates the provision of data and protects the basic data that has been collected. In cooperation with others, Statistics Sweden develops common statistical systems, both nationally and internationally. It offers available statistics tailored to your needs and courses or seminars offered every year, giving a deeper understanding of statistics and those tools used for further processing and analysis.

Some of its services:

  • data collection and surveys,
  • regional statistical products,
  • key ratios by industries and size class,
  • guidance for researchers and universities.

Contact details

Karlavägen 100, Box 24300
104 51 Stockholm
+46 10 4794000