The Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus (CypERC) is an independent non-profit research institution aiming at high quality policy oriented research in economics with emphasis on subjects concerning the Cyprus economy. The CypERC is financed by Research Organisations in Cyprus and the European Union, through competitive funding procedures, and contributions from Governmental and other organizations. CypERC has the necessary research infrastructure (suitably trained researchers, computer software and hardware, and constantly updated databases) to adapt in the research needs of a rapidly changing economy. The Centre also benefits from the expertise offered by established academics in Cyprus and abroad who participate in the research effort as Research Associates and Fellows. It also aims at serving as a channel for directing local and European research funds to economic research. Among the objectives of the CypERC is to study subjects of wider economic interest and publish articles in international academic journals. The research activities at the CypERC are divided into the following Sectors:

  • microeconomic analysis and welfare,
  •  macroeconomic forecasts and analysis,
  • employment,
  • other research projects.

The Economics Research Centre produces rigorous analyses on issues of the Cypriot economy using novel and state-of-the-art methodologies building upon the in-depth institutional knowledge of the local economy the Centre has acquired the last decade. The analyses produced by the Centre are communicated to a wide range of audiences, including the scientific community, governmental organisations, NGOs, trade unions, media and the wide public.

Contact details

P.O. Box 20537
1678 Nicosia
T: + 357 22893660