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Global Forum "Boosting Skills for a Just Transition and the Future of Work"

Global Forum on a Just Transition towards Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies for All based on the ILO and Cedefop cooperation

Skills in online job vacancies: First insights!

Cedefop is releasing new insights on skills and jobs demand in Europe. After several years of development, the agency presents its work on collecting and analysing online job vacancies, covering Czechia, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Introducing the European Skills Index!

Cedefop has been working on developing a skills index since 2013. Following five years of continuous development, the European Skills Index (ESI) has been launched in the autumn of 2018. An independent statistical audit by the Joint Research Centre has established ESI within international standar...

How can decarbonisation impact skills and jobs?

DG Energy in a recent report investigated various economic outcomes coming from the global decarbonisation efforts of reducing CO2 emissions.  One of the key purposes of this investigation has been to assess the potential impacts on employment and skills. In doing so, DG Energy has built on ...

How can the circular economy impact skills and jobs?

Building on the Cedefop Skills Forecast framework, DG Environment released a report on the impact transition to a more circular economy has on employment and skills across different sectors compared to the Cedefop Skills Forecast baseline scenario.

Skills Panorama celebrates #InternationalWomensDay

Did you know that every tenth woman in the EU is self-employed?

Blog: Machines, robots and the threat of automation to EU jobs

With forecasts that nearly half of all jobs in advanced economies may be potentially automated, it is no surprise that 72% of EU citizens fear that technology may ‘steal people’s jobs’.

How can a transition to a low-carbon economy impact skills and jobs?

Cedefop Skills Forecast framework is used to investigate the possible impacts on employment and skills of a transition towards a low-carbon economy by 2030.

Cedefop launches 2nd European skills and jobs survey

An expert working group tasked with the preparation of Cedefop’s 2nd European skills and jobs survey (ESJS) met for the first time on 15 February in Brussels.

Commission welcomes agreement on the European Labour Authority

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement on the Commission's proposal to establish a European Labour Authority (ELA).