Many initiatives have been taken in recent years to improve levels of digitalisation in schools.

The education ministry develops and maintains the infrastructure for new technologies in the education and research system with support of the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet) and University Computing Center (Srce).

The latest step is CARNet's pilot project e-Schools: establishing a system for developing digitally mature schools, 2015-18. The main e-Schools project will commence in 2019-22.

The main goal of the pilot project is to establish a system for developing digitally mature primary and secondary schools through piloting and evaluating ICT use in education and business processes in 10% of schools. The project foresees developing and/or implementing: a process informatisation system for schools; a digital content repository; a classroom management system; a learning and organisational analytics system; e-laboratories; digital competences for teachers; and many infrastructure enhancements such as the use of sensors and smart controls in schools. Following the pilot, over two school years, a strategy for the implementation of a digitally mature schools system will be developed.

The pilot project value is over EUR 40 million, jointly funded by ESF and ERDF.

School infrastructure development in 2016 included wireless networks in schools, classroom and staff equipment procurement, and development of strategic project documentation and project web pages. Regional education centres were established, and CARNet upgraded its data centres and network. In total, 131 elementary and secondary schools are being modernised through the project and equipment for the school staff is being procured.