Future job prospects of the occupation in EU in 2016-2030

In 2017, professionals accounted for 19.35% in the total employment in EU.

The total employment in this occupation reached 44,179,932.

During the period 2012-2017, the number of people employed as professionals in EU changed by 12.88%.

In 2017, professionals were mostly employed in the following sectors in the EU:

  • Education (10,922,469)
  • Health & social care (7,355,107)
  • Professional services (6,591,355) 
  • ICT services (3,662,507)
  • Manufacturing (3,624,292)

Countries with highest employment share of professionals in 2017:

  • Luxembourg (36.15%)
  • Sweden (27.83%)
  • Netherlands (26.04%)
  • Denmark (26.00%)
  • Finland (24.49%)

In the period 2016-2030, employment for professionals in EU is projected to change by 11.28%

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