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Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Bulgaria

Ensuring that EU countries develop robust skills anticipation to inform responsive VET systems, is a key aim of the skills agenda for Europe. To be impactful, skills intelligence requires good skills governance, feeding into VET and employment policies with wide outreach to diverse potential user...
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Cedefop Skills System Country Performance Infographics - 2018 European Skills Index

Cedefop 2018 European Skills Index presents a series of infographics summarising the relative performance for each one of Europe’s Member States Skills System. The analysis is based in three different areas: skills development, skills activation and skills matching. Skills development assesses th...
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Cedefop 2018 infographics collection on future labour market and skills trends

Cedefop 2018 #SkillsForecast presents a series of infographics summarising future labour market and skills trends for each one of Europe’s Member States. The Skills Forecast looks at the period going up to 2030. In these infographics you can find information answering questions such as “what woul...
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EU Exports to the World: Effects on Employment

The European Commission identified trade policy as a core component of the European Union’s 2020 Strategy. The fast changing global economy, characterised by the dynamic creation of business opportunities and increasingly complex production chains, means that it is now even more important to full...
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European Parliament - Skills development and employment: The role of career management skills

This note analyses the concept 'career management skills' (also called career competencies) in the context of the New Skills Agenda and the undergoing review of the European key competences framework. It gives an overview of policy developments in this area at European and national level includin...
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European Alliance for Apprenticeships - Final Report: Monitoring of the learning commitment in the campaign on the construction sector

This study provides an insight into construction sector apprenticeships, while mapping and assessing the implementation of construction pledges under the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) submitted so far. It has also compiled an inventory of novel, specific and/or effective soluti...
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European Construction Sector Observatory - Analytical Report - Improving the human capital basis

The purpose of the Analytical Report is to draw a snapshot of the current skills situation in the construction sector in the EU-28. More specifically, it provides a high level analysis of the workforce in the sector, focusing on the quantitative analysis of the population, employment and educ...
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Labour market policy thematic review 2017: in-depth analysis of the impact of reforms on inequality

This thematic review performs an analysis of the impact of recent reforms on inequality in Europe and was prepared by a network of external experts - the European Centre of Expertise (ECE) in the field of labour law, employment and labour market policy. The review consists of 27 country-s...
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2017 European Semester: Country Reports

Today's 27 Country Reports (for all Member States except Greece, which is under a dedicated stability support programme) provide the annual analysis of Commission staff of the situation in the Member States' economies, including where relevant an assessment of macroeconom...
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How are refugees faring on the labour market in Europe? A first evaluation based on the 2014 EU Labour Force Survey ad hoc module

The paper is based on the 2014 EU Labour Force Survey. Available evidence confirms that refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to labour market integration but show however, significant differences across European countries.