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What is the Skills Panorama definition of skills?

The term “skills” refers to the ability to apply knowledge and use know-how needed to carry out the tasks that comprise a particular job. In practice, it proves difficult to define an objective measure of skill. In the Skills Panorama, we describe ‘skill’ using a range of proxy measures...

What if the information I am looking for isn’t on the Skills Panorama website?

We are doing our best to include the most recent and reliable information about skills and labour markets for all 28 EU countries. If the information you are looking for is related to skills analysis and anticipation, but is not on the Skills Panorama website, then please contact us at our e...

How is the Skills Panorama different from other skills information sites?

Skills Panorama is a unique source of information for skills in Europe as it covers all Member States, sectors and occupations. It aims to reach the demanding audience of policy makers at the European, national, sectonal and regional level. It also provides valuable information to career guidance...

How can I keep up to date?

The Skills Panorama site is continuously being develop to provide new content. In order to keep up-to-date with any developments, please subscribe to our newsletter so that you receive an email with all recent news, resources, etc. You will find the invitation to subscribe at each page. You ...

How can I get involved with the Skills Panorama?

As the site develops, there will be lots of opportunities for you to get involved. Skills Panorama members will be invited to exchange news, views, ideas and resources (including policy documents and relevant materials produced by projects) with others throughout Europe. In order to stay inf...

Can I promote Skills Panorama to my colleagues/other stakeholders?

Yes, Skills Panorama is an open platform. Our aim is to build an online community around skills analysis and anticipation by providing a wide range of useful data, resources, news, events and networking tools, with high-quality content identified by experts in the field of skills and labour ...

Who is behind the Skills Panorama?

Skills Panorama is an initiative of the European Commission, Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion and is powered by Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. The European Commission ensures the strategic steering to the Skills Panorama, in ...

What is Skills Panorama?

Skills Panorama is a website which aims to improve Europe’s capacity to assess and anticipate skill needs to help make education and training systems more responsive to labour market needs and to match better skill supply and demand across Europe. Offering quality evidence for decision-makin...

Déclin ou renouveau des professions ?

Colloque organisé par le laboratoire «Droit et Changement Social» Nantes

What it means to be young in the European Union today

How many children live in the European Union (EU)? And how has their share in the population evolved and is expected to change in the future? Are the youngest children in your country cared for more often by their parents, relatives, a child-minder or through a day-care centre? How do young peopl...