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  • Testimonial by Lucia Fašungová

    "Clear, intuitive and useful analytical tool binding up-to-date statistics with latest forecasts. Moreover with impressive graphic representation."

    Lucia Fašungová, Director of the Analytical Centre, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.

  • Testimonial by Yiannis Mourouzides

    "Skills Panorama provides comprehensive data and forecasts for the labour market, covering all Member States, in a user-friendly environment. It is an invaluable tool for policymakers, researchers, students and the general public."

    Yiannis Mourouzides, Acting Director for Research and Planning at Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.

  • Testimonial by Friederike Soezen

    "The European Union is currently faced with a multitude of challenges: the worst refugee crisis since WWII, weak or stagnant economic growth in most Member States; high unemployment particularly for the young as well as ageing populations. In taking effective decisions policy makers and experts need accurate and meaningful statistics and data. The new interactive page Skills Panorama is a most useful tool, since it combines basic overviews of major European trends with a more detailed breakdown of data. One would suggest that the Skills Panorama will serve as a standard resource for major European initiatives such as EURES, EUROPASS, EUROSTAT and ESCO"

    Friederike Soezen, Senior Expert in Department of Educational Policy at Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

  • Testimonial by Catalin Ghinararu

    "What distinguishes the Skills Panorama in the widening landscape of such tools is its open character, the fact that it combines knowledge and expertise from its base with information that comes from a variety of other sources which thus enhances its role. What would be otherwise a mere tool amongst other ones, better or worse, turns into an AGORA of the skills practice. A new and unique niche in terms of the occupational context is thus opened by the Skills Panorama."

    Catalin Ghinararu, Scientific Secretary at National Research Institute in the field of Labour and Social Protection, Romania.

  • Testimonial by Stefan Humpl

    "The EU Skills Panorama will help for better informed labour market analyses throughout Europe, but also be a source of inspiration for orientation for jobs and education."

    Stefan Humpl, Senior Researcher and CEO of 3s Unternehmensberatung, Austria.

  • Testimonial by Tobias Maier

    "On Skills Panorama, I greatly appreciate the linkage of comparable data regarding skill and employment development on European level with further in depth information of national data sources. This allows a better understanding of ongoing processes in European countries and puts the results of own calculations into perspective."

    Tobias Maier, Researcher and Project Manager at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Germany.

  • Testimonial by Martin Úlovec

    "With EU Skills Panorama I can easily access various sets of data on international level, which I can use for the comparison analysis. I can choose the format of the outputs in form of tables, graphs or visualizations in maps. I can also customize the outputs via set of various filters quite easily."

    Martin Úlovec, Researcher in Department for labour market analysis and career guidance at National Institute for Education, Czech Republic.

  • Testimonial by Mario Lambing

    "Skills Panorama contains different pieces of labour market information in a compact form. It combines diverse content with easy access."

    Mario Lambing, Chief Analyst of Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

  • Testimonial by Nicos Gavalakis

    "The Skills Panorama offers a unique insight into past, present and future of our labour markets. It is a unique source of intelligence for social partners and policy makers who work on building systems of skills analysis and anticipation."

    Nicos Gavalakis, Advisor, Social Affairs, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).

  • Testimonial by John McGrath

    "We achieve a greater understanding of the potential of our labour markets to function more effectively when we view them in a European perspective and the Skills Panorama provides that opportunity in an easy to access, visually attractive and comprehensive manner."

    John McGrath, Research Manager of SOLAS – the Further Education and Training Institute of Ireland.

  • Testimonial by Maria Caprile

    "Skills Panorama makes data on skills and jobs not only available, but useful for all of us - from people looking for a job to policy makers, practitioners and researchers in the field of employment and active labour market policies. It is for sure the first website I would consult!!."

    Maria Caprile, NOTUS - Applied Social Research, Spain.

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